State Testing Information

Please use the links to find more information about the Spring MCA testing schedule for Breckenridge students. 

The first document has general test information on the Minnesota Assessments. 

The second document is the Elementary school schedule for spring assessments. 

The third document is the high school spring assessment schedule. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the District Assessment Coordinator Corinna Erickson at or (218)643-6681.

Other information links from the MDE site:

Frequently Asked Questions: Why Statewide Test Results Matter
Minnesota’s statewide tests are objective, standardized measures of student achievement on academic or proficiency standards. Students, families, teachers and administrators use statewide test results as part of a comprehensive system for evaluating learning. Answers to frequently asked questions explain the purpose for statewide testing and why it is important to ensure the integrity of test scores: Frequently Asked Questions: Why Statewide Test Results Matter.
Parent Fact Sheets
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA), Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS), and ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs, are available in a downloadable and printable Parent Fact Sheets. A test preparation fact sheet is also available. See our document list below.
MCA Parent Fact Sheet
MTAS Parent Fact Sheet
ACCESS Parent Fact Sheet
Test Preparation Suggestions for Parents and Teachers
Student Participation in Statewide Assessments
Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.31, subdivision 4a, student participation requires the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to publish a form for parents/guardians to complete if they refuse to have their student participate in state-required standardized assessments. The Parent/Guardian Guide to Statewide Testing document provides some basic information to help parents/guardians make informed decisions that benefit their child and their school and community. The form to meet this legislative requirement is available at the link below; it must be returned to your student's district.
Parent/Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing Form