Welcome to Fun Club

As your child starts his/her school year, we are sensitive to the fact that there are many changes and transitions accuring in your  world. One change may be in your child care needs. Questions you may be asking yourself are: Has my child outgrown a traditional daycare setting? How will my child get to daycare? Can I find a daycare that will take school age children?
Allow me to introduce an option that may be the answer  for your child care needs.  Fun Club is a top notch after school program that responds to your child’s developmental needs. We address the social, emotional and physical needs of Preschhool through 6th grade by providing age appropriate art and craft activities, field trips, community service and outreach opportunities and last but not least, time to play and hang out with children their own age.
Our location is in the kindergarten wing of the Breckenridge Elementary School is very handy and is one less worry for your child to have to deal with.  (If your child attends St. Mary’s, bussing is provided.) We take pride in our safe and nurturing environment and want to make a difference in helping your child succeed as a person and as a student.
Please take a few minutes to read over our handbook.  If you have any questions or you would like to enroll your child in Fun Club please give me a call at 641-4010.  I look forward to meeting you and your child.
Dee Nelson
Coordinator of School Age Child Care

Staff Members
    Youth Enrichment Program for Grades 3-6

    The Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) is back for another exciting year! The goal of YEP is to sharpen your child’s social skills, enrich their educational development and challenge them in physical activities. This is done through filling their after school time slot with enriching and exciting activities; science fun, crafts, cooking,  and parties! Each month you will receive a list of the activities being offered and a brief description of each, where to meet and the cost. Most activities have a small fee just to cover expenses and all include a snack.

    You may register for all of activities or just a few, but you must register ahead of time so appropriate arrangements can be made. Registration slips are included with your activity descriptions and are to be returned to the office along with your payment. I hope that YEP can help serve the needs of your family by relieving the pressure of what to do with your children after school. We invite you to give it a try!

    If your child attends St. Mary’s, he/she can catch the bus over to the Elementary school to participate in the YEP activities.

    Questions? Please call Dee Nelson at 641-4010.

    Contact: Dee Nelson