Breckenridge Elementary School is a great place to learn and grow!

We offer an environment that cares about the whole child.  Services to help support our students include: special education, Title 1, speech, ECFE, two full-time mental health service providers (a social worker and counselor), Native American liaison, Reading Corps, and many more!
Our balanced reading literacy approach to reading continues to develop a student's intrinsic motivation engage in reading.  Teachers follow an I-do, we-do, you-do model that gradually releases the learning over to students in their daily instruction.  Teachers regularly confer with students to guide them in making appropriate reading choices based on their own reading level and interests.
Our Studio 5 and 6 classrooms are 21st century classrooms that help students make connections to instruction through real-life activities, experiences and cooperative group work. Teachers in these classrooms co-teach throughout the day to model for students how to work cooperatively.
K-6 classrooms encourage an active classroom setting that allows for flexible seating, groupings, and learning throughout the school day.
We offer a free breakfast program to all students in PreK-8. Healthy snack choices for our K-2nd graders direct from the kitchen for these students during their snack breaks. A strong wellness committee encourages and supports healthy life choices that include food choices and physical activity.
Our goal here is to make sure that all students are inspired to excel and develop the desire to be life-long learners.